Upcoming live shows 2017

28/10 Groljud - Jakobstad, Finland. Link

11/11 Vindöga - Sandviken, Sweden. Link

22/11 Huddersfield Contemporary Musicfestival HCMF  - Huddersfield, UK   With ensemble GGR Betong. Link

Great experience.

Performing together with some great people at GROljud at Galleri GRO in Jakobstad (FIN).


Great reviews.

And they come from our GGR Betong gig att Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 
Read here for the full review on our homepage: IMG_20171122_141232_133jpg

Latest project (in progress)

With dancer and choreographer Satoshi Kudo.

"Keeping the audience in focus by using techniques that speaks to the instinct and reactions that are based deep into the animal brain of humans, the amygdala. The part of the brain that reacts before our logic and before we have the chance to apply our analytic capabilities."
More coming soon...