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GAS festival with ensemble GGR Betong - Kronhuset Gothenburg Photo: Emma Selin
Krakow 2018 with ensemble GGR Betong Photo: Mike Loyd
Liveshow Vindöga. Sandviken, Sweden 2017
Vindöga, Sandviken 2017
Groljud in Jakobstad Finland 2017
Sawblade rigg for GGR BETONG performance at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2017
"Amydala Hi-Jack" with Satoshi Kudo. 1/10 2017 at Geigersession, Elementstudion, Gothenburg.
Gig with GGR BETONG at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg. his during the GAS-festival .
Live show at South London Gallery 2016
Prelude 15 (no.1) Soundinstallation inspired by the Grand Piano. 2013 Porto, Portugal
Prelude 15 (no.1) soundinstallation exhibited at the The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 2011.
Live show at RÖSET noise festival 2015
Sound installation for the Gotheburg Maritime Museum
Gig at 3:e våningen Gothenburg, 2014
My large sawblade rig in the making
Live show with GGR Betong at Gallery Not Quite, Dals Långed, Sweden
Live show at the Gothenburg Art Gallery 2015
Live show at Swedish Energies, Brooklyn, New York 2013
Sound recording amongst the weaving and knitting machines at the University Borås .
Live show at Atalante with Gunhild Andersen
Interactive installation at Woodworks at Atalante