Live shows 2018

31/10 Duo Stensöta premiers my tactile piece STEIN - Kronhuset, Göteborg Sweden.
22/9 Sacrum Profanum - Krakow, Poland. With ensemble GGR Betong.
20/8 Svensk Musikvår Stockholm, Scenkonstmuseet, Sweden. Link

Live shows 2017

22/11 Huddersfield Contemporary Musicfestival HCMF - Huddersfield, UK. With ensemble GGR Betong.

11/11 Vindöga - Sandviken, Sweden. Link

28/10 Groljud - Jakobstad, Finland. Link

1/10 Geigersession - Gothenburg, Sweden (Amygdala Hi-Jack w Satoshi Kudo)


Composer and noise musician, from Piteå, based in Gothenburg Sweden.
Working with a wide spectrum of the sonic such as: Noise, film, dance, installations and theater.

Member of GEIGER – Gothenburg based organizer of events for new music and the sonic arts.


Member of the Swedish Society of Composers

Boardmember of RANK -   Swedish Association of New Music Promoters

Artistic Education

The Musical Composition Program, Sound Art orientation at the Academy of Music and Drama at Gothenburg University.
Gothenburg preparatory art school  (Göteborgs konstskola)
Cultural studies, Gothenburg University.

CV Louise Magnusson.pdf
  • Vindöga, Sandviken 2017
  • Gig with GGR BETONG at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg. his during the GAS-festival .

Amygdala Hi-Jack

Project with dancer and choreographer Satoshi Kudo.

"Keeping the audience in focus by using techniques that speaks to the instinct and reactions that are based deep into the animal brain of humans, the amygdala. The part of the brain that reacts before our logic and before we have the chance to apply our analytic capabilities."
More coming soon...